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Whole Story

Since its establishment, ''probuy'' has provided comprehensive and tailored services to customers around the world. After all these years in the industry, our scope of service has been fully expanded to ensure customers get the experience they deserve from us. Our success has allowed us to expand in several directions and build a strong reputation. Our advantage stems from our commitment to developing connections beyond the workplace and our drive to learn from influential people in the industry. 

Our Mission

As probuy, our priority is to enable people to shop safely, quickly and unhindered from anywhere in the world. Our claim is to be the best e-commerce site in the future. Its main pillars are that we love what we do, are not profit-oriented, and aim to add value to people. Our difference from others is that we first support the exporting SME.

Başarının anahtarı

our vision

We, as a company, are a company that was established in April 2021 under the leadership of Meriç Özcan and under the name of "Esans Industry Innovative Informatics and Mechatronics Technologies Sti." Esans Industry means compliance with the 21st century industry understanding and electronic industry systems. We are a community of businesses and brands and operate in many technological and traditional sectors. Our fixture in e-commerce is "probuy". We will make Probuy the best shopping system in the world, especially in Turkey. Welcome to international shopping solutions.

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